Is Meranti the best wood type


When building a new house, you need to be sur that the materials used in construction is of top-notch quality. This is even more important for elements such as wood and timber which have their own unique characteristics and different varieties suit different environments. This being said, you need to get eh wood type that will fit the need perfectly. For a wood type which will be facing weather changes and will primarily be placed outdoors, it is always better to go for a wood type that is hardwood. However, for interiors the options in kind so wood is more varied and is something that you can consider later down the line when finishing the project. In terms like these, the meranti wed type can be an excellent choice of the kind of wood to be used indoors. It has a long shelf life and with a little care and upkeep, you can ensure that the wood will last you a lifetime. Not only this, it is also reasonably termite resistant. Again, a little maintenance at your end can ensure that the wood shines and gives you decades of service in all conditions and situations.